The Bridge is an intergenerational learning center where a preschool is housed inside of an assisted living facility. The residents of the assisted living facility and the children, ages 3-5 years, interact daily, creating a sense of purpose for the residents and a special friendship between the two generations. These two generations will be able to enjoy the company of yet a third generation of people. This third group will be the professional performing artists who will come three to four times per year to interact with and teach both the elderly and the young, culminating in some wonderful projects as well as a performance for the entire community. Our goal is to bridge generations of people through learning and music, creating a place of great joy!



Human interaction and touch through the children and the visiting performing artists.



Benefit and learn from the residents and the visiting performing artists.



Share the love of their craft and their talents with the young and the elderly.



Feel a sense of pride for being part of something that so positively effects their community.



Know that their loved one’s lives are being enriched through youth, laughter, friendship and music.



Creates a community of compassion, empathy and respect for ALL members.

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