"I knew assisted living was best for me and my family. But, honestly, I was very worried about being bored. With the Bridge as part of our program, I have so many little friends to see, visit with and even eat with each day. And the music and the talent that they bring in for us is delightful! They are professional singers from New York and California! The kids and the music really give me a reason to get up everyday! I love it here!"


"When we moved away from Ohio, I missed my Granny and Grampa so much, but now I have so many people who look like them and I can play with them and sing with them and be with them, just like I did with Granny and Grampa"


"Sometimes we performers get wrapped up in the auditions and what the world sees as success. It's really awesome to be able to reconnect with the gift of performing and to see what music does to lift the spirits of the elderly and help them to remember their past. It's also cool to see how music really can help to bridge the generations! I am so happy that there is a program like this, to give us the chance to get out of our box and give back. I love it!"


The Bridge is an intergenerational movement connecting professional artists and senior citizens through artists’ residencies, virtual concerts and intimate storytelling experiences.  We believe that seniors play a vital role in the fabric of our communities, and we are committed to giving a voice to their stories and to revolutionizing the quality of their care.

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Human interaction and touch through the children and the visiting performing artists.



Benefit and learn from the residents and the visiting performing artists.



Share the love of their craft and their talents with the young and the elderly.



Feel a sense of pride for being part of something that so positively effects their community.



Know that their loved one’s lives are being enriched through youth, laughter, friendship and music.



Creates a community of compassion, empathy and respect for ALL members.

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If you would like to find out more about us or about how you can get involved, please contact us by phone (843) 816-4070, email us at info@bridgethegenerations.com or complete our contact us form.

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