Welcoming Carlos Casanova to Our Board of Directors

As the Founder and Director for Bridge the Generations, I would like to welcome our newest Board Member, Carlos Casanova! Carlos and I spoke for the first time several weeks ago at the suggestion of Board Member, Ian Knauer, and I instantly knew that he would be a person who could not only help us accomplish our mission at the … Read More

Artist Residency Highlight: My Funny Valentine

During one of our unique artist residency programs, residents at the senior community shared with us stories in their lives relating to special songs. This beautiful woman shared how her husband (now deceased) of 50 years, used to come home every Valentine’s Day with a gift and sing this song.  Her fellow resident, a gentleman often saying & doing little, … Read More

Amazing Artist: Piper Jones

Meet our amazing artist, Piper Jones. Piper is an artist whose message encourages through her formidable and unmatched voice to inspire Christian believers. Piper first discovered her voice when she started singing in her church choir at the age of 4. Throughout her life, she has “discovered her voice” in more ways than one as she pursues the will God … Read More

Welcoming Alicia Albright to Our Board of Directors

Bridge the Generations is so thrilled to announce the newest addition to our Board of Directors, Alicia Albright!  Alicia is a NYC based Broadway performing artist, choreographer, creator, avid traveller and theatre dance/dance/yoga/meditation and empowerment teacher and is starting her own company called The Feed Your Soul Project. She has appeared on Broadway as an original cast member and swing … Read More

Welcoming Jennifer Farmer to Our Board of Directors

Announcing our newest Board of Directors member! We want to shout from the mountain tops, “Welcome to the team, Jennifer Farmer!” Jennifer Farmer has been passionate about singing and acting for as long as she can remember. She earned her Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Performance from Northern Kentucky University, with an emphasis in opera and classical studies. After college she … Read More

Welcoming Ian Knauer to Our Board of Directors

Bridge the Generations is so thrilled to announce the incredible addition to our Board of Directors, Ian Knauer! Ian has been performing professionally for over forty years. Originally from Toledo, Ohio, he lives in New York, and has performed in five Broadway shows, one West End show, ten national/international tours and many films, concerts and recordings all over the world. … Read More

Dancing Down Memory Lane

One of our days during the Artists’ Residency week, was spent exploring the music that the senior citizen residents “fell in love to”. Songs such as “Younger Than Springtime” and ” Unforgettable” and “Come Rain Or Come Shine” filled the rooms and the hearts of all of us! But, the most memorable moment of that day, for me, was when … Read More