What We Do

Our mission is to elevate the preschool learning experience and to change the dynamics of senior living by bringing the generations together in exploratory learning and revolutionary senior care. We strive to bridge all generations with music, education, human interaction and joy.

The Elderly

  • They feel a sense of purpose by being part of the childrens’ lives
  • They feel a sense of lightness through the presence of children daily.
  • They get to talk with people and relive their lives through the Arts Legacy Program*
  • They get to live a more “family like” life, which is especially important for those whose families are not nearby.
  • They get more music.
  • They get more human interaction and touch through the children and the visiting performing artists who will meet with them daily to just talk.

Music Therapy

Our Music therapy program is a twice weekly program in which our wonderfully loving and talented music therapist, Dana Leal, MT-BC, works for an hour with a group of residents on music, singing, movement, instruments, and recall of memory. There are so many benefits to the music therapy program. And, the residents love Dana, and have referred to her as everything from “an angel” to “the most wonderful person ever”! Dana was educated for Music Therapy at Berkeley School of Music. We are so lucky to have her sharing her love of music, her talents and her beautiful heart with our seniors!


High School Program

Our high school technology program is a once a month program, where high school students come to the senior living community and teach the residents about technology. Previous sessions have included making a simple phone call from a cell phone, searching Google for information on a topic that they are interested in, face timing their grandchildren and setting up a Facebook page! The high school students become an invaluable resource to the residents who do not always have their younger family members close by to teach them. These tools become a wonderful way in which the older generation can stay connected!

* Arts Legacy Program is a program where the visiting performing artists will meet daily for a set amount of time with each resident and talk about their lives, the music they listened to, what music was special to them at various times in their lives, if they played a musical instrument and things of that nature. At the end of their residency, the artists will write up a summary of what they learned from that resident about their “arts” background to be left for the family. Also, the artists will perform at the end of their stay, and that performance will include many of the songs that the residents spoke about in their time together. We are so excited about this project because we feel it will be wonderful for the families to learn something new, possibly, about their loved ones. It will also bring joy to the residents, as they relive their lives and have someone to chat with. And, of course, the artists will be able to reconnect with how much of an impact their talent can have on everyone involved….reminding them, possibly, of why they got into performing in the first place….to make an impact.

The Children

  • They have a safe and nurturing place to learn.
  • They are not afraid of the elderly and develop a sense of appreciation for the natural aging process.
  • They have the benefit of many “grandparent figures” in their lives.
  • They benefit and learn from the residents and the visiting performing artists.
  • They learn through music and human interaction.
  • They learn through the Reggio Emilia approach*

*Reggio Emilia Approach to Learning is an educational philosophy described as a student-centered, experiential learning in relationship-driven environments. It is based on the principals of respect, responsibility, and community through exploration and discovery. At its core is an assumption that the children form their own personality during early years of development and are endowed with many languages (such as painting, drama, nature) in which to express themselves.

The Artists

  • They get to reconnect with why they became artists in the first place, and remember that their craft can make a real difference on people’s lives.
  • They get to share the love of their craft and their talents with the young and the elderly.
  • They get to leave some things behind….the knowledge that they have created joy in so many lives and the recorded information in the Arts Legacy Program.

The Partnering Facility and Its Employees

  • They are considered at the forefront of this very important movement.
  • The public then knows that they are really looking after the needs of their residents….the well being of their hearts and their happiness as well as their bodies and minds.
  • The employees are rejuvenated by the children and the music and how both of those things effect the residents.
  • They feel a sense of pride for being part of something that so positively effects their community and sets the example for how we should view and treat the most vulnerable members of society.


  • Families of residents feel a sense of peace that their loved ones are not lonely. They also know that their loved one’s lives are being enriched through youth, laughter, friendship and music.
  • Families of the children feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that their children are bringing joy to this, sometimes forgotten, population. These families also know that their children are learning in a safe environment, surrounded by music, the arts, and real-life human interactions.

The Community

  • The community benefits because the generational lines are blurred, creating a community of compassion, empathy and respect for ALL members of the community.